15-19 October 2020 | Kojedo Aikwangwon, Republic of Korea


Music has no borders, no prejudice, and it knows no handicap.


15-19 October 2020 | Kojedo Aikwangwon, Republic of Korea

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Who is it for?

It is for everyone! Music has no boundaries. At this music festival that takes place every 3 years, both healthy and mentally/ physically disabled music lovers come together for a memorable cultural exchange experience and exchange of humanity through music.
If you would like to join us, drop us an email at festivalmakellos2020@gmail.com and we'll get in touch with you.

Showcase Performance Internationally

The result of hard practice, the final destination of a performance is the stage. The teams are given an opportunity to perform on an international platform. After the previous editions in Germany, Switzerland, China and Hungary, the next stage will be in South Korea.

Music + Cultural Exchange

Through the last 4 editions, we have more than 30 teams from 10 countries – China, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine come together for their love for music. Being in a new country is a good opportunity to learn from one another and to see the world.

Interaction with Local Community

Teams not only have a chance to perform on a concert stage, there will also be outdoor busking and performance at the local churches and schools. The local community will be able to enjoy their performances and the teams will also be able to talk and take photos with the local community.

Creating Bonds Across Borders

Language and cultural differences are not a barrier., music is the common language. We have seen so many friendships and memories made over the last 12 years through singing and dancing together. We hope you look forward to making this long-lasting friendship together with us!

People who Made This Possible

Roselyne Crausaz Németh

President, Fondation Paix 21

The Fondation Paix 21 organizes a festival in a different country every three years with a different partner. For the next edition, we will be working with Kojedo Aikwangwon to co-host the festival. The aim of the festival is to give integrated artistic teams the opportunity to meet each other and to showcase themselves internationally. 

Some of the teams that will be joining are well known locally and the are eager to entertain an international audience.

Woojung Song

Director, Kojedo Aikwangwon

Kojedo Aikwangwon is a social welfare organisation on Geoje Island, South Korea. We are not only home to over 300 physically and disabled residents, we also have a special school, rehabilitation centre, a farm and cafe where we train our residents to work, gain skills, be independent and adapt to the society,

Our residents are looking forward to the 5th International Peace Festival to meet their new friends from all around the world!

Home Is Where Your Light Is

Kojedo Aikwangwon lies along the coast of Jangseungpo and we have an unblocked view of the port and sea.
We hope that we will be able to be shine light to everyone who comes for the festival, just a lighthouse to the world.

We Are Here

3063 Geoje-daero, Jangseungpo-dong
Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
Phone:+82 55 681 7524
Email: festivalmakellos2020@gmail.com

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