15-19 October 2020 | Kojedo Aikwangwon, Republic of Korea

Invited Teams

Check out the following artistes teams we have invited to join us this October for a week of music, fun and joy!

Groove Inclusion

Fellbach, Germany

The large and idiosyncratic line-up of the band makes up their captivating sound: 26 musicians with and without disabilities between the ages of 20 and 75 play groove, soul & jazz hits from the 1960s to the present day. Under the guidance of jazz professionals Hans Fickelscher (percussion), Arne Meerwein (saxophone) and Holger Bihr (drums), the band brings pure joie de vivre to the stage.

"Inclusion simply happens here: weird beauty-delicately enchanted-a real treat," - Stuttgarter Zeitung.

The Cool Chickpeas

Backnang, Germany

Rock, pop and music played with emotions. Musicians with, and some claim that they have no impairment, bring the audience into high gear. The Cool Chickpeas was founded in 2014. In 2017 they received the Baden Wuerttemberg Youth Diaconia Award.

Human Aliens

Stuttgart, Germany

Under the guidance and commitment of Peter Luttringer anavad Pascal Eulenberg, the inclusive group started on March 20 2019. The diversity of the inclusive ensemble is not about individual skills, but about fun and enthusiasm for everyone. It becomes clear how well people with disabilities and outsiders can complement each other. 

The Human Aliens cover music in any musical, international genre. They impress with their own interpretations of the arrangements, everything from acoustics to rock is included.

Never-Give-Up Band

Budapest, Hungary

Never Give Up Band was established about 15 years ago and has became the most famous inclusive Band in Hungary. Singers and musicians with and without disability play mostly originals from the members of the Band and also worldwide known songs. Their special dynamism and mood on stage captures the audience each time. After their success at the Festival Makel Los in Beijing, China in 2014, they created the unique and inclusive Never Give Up S with wheelchair user dancers, blind singers and clowns with intellectual disability. The  1-hour performance of music, dance and theatre was presented in the European Parliament in Brussels, and also in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.


Milan, Italy

Esagramma Symphony In-Orchestra involves young people affected with psychic and mental diseases who have completed the Orchestra Music Therapy® 3-year course and the Inclusive Orchestral Education specialization courses. It is the first inclusive symphony orchestra in Europe and it has given more than 150 concerts, several in international stages such as the Vatican Jubilee with the Disabled People in 2000 and the European Parliament in 2003.

NPO Orinone Art Welfare Association

Saitama, Japan

This is an organization that provides opportunities for new cooperation and exchange between people with disabilities and local residents, and conducts support activities aimed at promoting community welfare and enlightenment activities. Through experiences such as monodzukuri with people with disabilities and local residents, we will deepen intergenerational exchanges from children to senior citizens and create a fulfilling community.

L A Misericorde Elementary School

Muhanga, Rwanda

L A Miscellaneous Elementary School is a school that integrates non-disabled students with disabled students (audible disabilities, retardation disorders, mental retardation), dualized with both primary school education goals and special education goals.

Not even having a proper bed to sleep in, it is a miracle for them to take the first step out to see the world!


Gangneung, South Korea

The meaning of "Soribap" is when sound enters our body, it becomes rice to save us. Soribap was founded in July 2011 and performed at major events like Gangneung Human Rights Film Festival, Ejiram Promotional Concert and various arts festivals for disabled people.

Kojedo Aikwangwon

Geoje, South Korea

Social Welfare Foundation Kojedo Aikwangwon, the Garden of Love and Light was founded in 1952 by Mrs Imsoon Kim. Starting as a shelter for abandoned babies during the Korean War, it is now home to over 200 mentally and physically disabled residents. Its premises also covers a special school, a farm and a cafe, giving their residents an opportunity to develop skills to be independent and be part of the local community.

Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Center

Changwon, South Korea

Le Band d'Eben-Hezer

Lausanne, Switzerland

The Eben-Hezer Band (blues style) is a music group bringing together residents of the Center of Eben-Hezer Lausanne. It is a sheltered workshop which, through semi-professional musical activity, offers people with social difficulties a project pursuing several objectives: To offer different or marginalized adults a space for expression, development, promotion and meetings. But also, allow the general public to meet different and original musicians who help us to change our look. The group performs regularly at festivals, neighborhood, company and institutional celebrations in Switzerland and abroad.


Izmir, Turkey

IZOT was established on 18 April, 2013, in Izmir, Turkey, by Dr. Orcun Berrakcay, with the support of the ODER Autism Association. It started with 4 participants and now there are 40 participants with autism. They have given nearly 100 concerts in Turkey. IZOT is the biggest autism orchestra and choir of the world.

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